The Crewe and Nantwich group of the University of the Third Age (U3A)

The U3A movement had its origins in France in 1972 where universities were directed to make some educational provision for the 'elderly'. The first successful programme was in Toulouse and the 'Université du Troisičme Age'  was born. It soon became an international organisation.

The title of 'University' refers to the original meaning of a collective/collection of like minded people committed to learning for its own sake. There are no examinations, but members are encouraged to participate as learners and teachers.  There are immense resources of skills, experience and enthusiasm within each nation's 'mature' population which can be shared and developed.
Each U3A is independently managed by its own members. The U3A has its own guiding principles and objectives.

Contemporary Crewe

In response to a letter from Roy Wilson, about the U3A, in the Crewe Chronicle on 26th October 1994, Mrs Mildred Carter called a meeting in Crewe to investigate this new phenomenon. Twenty two people attended the first public meeting at the Victoria Centre in Crewe on 18th January 1995. A working party was setup and the Crewe and Nantwich U3A was BORN.

Many problems had to be overcome:- Nostalgic Nantwich

  • premises
  • finances
  • membership
  • leaders
  • courses
  • etc.

On 4th April 1995, five courses were available - Walking, Local History, Painting, Bridge and Literature, with 75 members.

Crewe and Nantwich Farmers Markets

Like 'Topsy' it has grownover the years from an original 22 members and just 5 courses to, at the start of August 2010, a reigisterd membership of more than 1400 , and over 80 courses.

Crewe Parks

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Crewe & Nantwich U3A (Registered Charity No 1073787) is a Club for those no longer engaged in full time gainful emloyment and is affiliated to the National body The Third Age Trust.